Plasmid Maze Generator

Project Plasmid: On Maze Generating Life-Like Cellular Automata



Two of Life-Like Cellular Automata generates a maze.
But no one knows if the maze is good or not!
This project is made for investigation of time complexity of maze generating, and measuring maze complexity of output.

Try sandbox above!
You can see source codes on github too.
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Cellular Automata

A Cellular Automata, or just CA, is defined with cells and steps.
Each cell can have either 0 or 1 as cell value.
On every step, a cell's value is determined by neighbor cell's value on previous step!

Life-Like CA

Among 2-Dimensional CA, if a cell's value is determined by sum of previous step's neighbor cell values, then it's called Like-Like Cellular Automata.
This is commonly known as Conway's Game of Life.

Maze Generation

In Life-Like CA, rule string 1234/3 and 12345/3 is known for generating a maze. Our goal is to investigate this algorithm's time and maze complexity.